Richardson signs $341 million capital outlay

Freedom New Mexico staff and wire reports

Gov. Bill Richardson signed a bill this morning allocating $341 million for capital improvements statewide, including more than $7.3 million in funding to the region. He also vetoed $580,000 in regional project requests, including a $350,000 request for a Clovis communications/administration building.

The vetoes account for around 8 percent of requested project funding for Curry, Roosevelt, De Baca and Quay counties. This morning Richardson announced in a press release he had vetoed $7 million of the overall package that legislators passed during the recent session.

Curry County was denied requests totaling approximately $400,000, De Baca $85,000 and Roosevelt County $75,000.

According to Richardson’s office, most of the vetoes represented examples of projects that lacked proper planning, were outside of established funding processes, or are not ready to proceed.

“Regretfully, I believe it is necessary and fiscally prudent to veto some projects that might otherwise have merit,” Richardson said. “For these and other reasons, I have vetoed $7 million — less than 1 percent of the 2008 total capital outlay funding.”

Richardson signed the bill Wednesday, including money for pre-kindergarten program classrooms across New Mexico and economic development projects in Albuquerque.

The capital improvement package is an important measure for members of the Legislature because it finances many projects in their home districts. Money also is provided for statewide projects earmarked by the governor and legislators.

Wednesday was the deadline for Richardson to finish action on bills passed by the Legislature during its 30-day session.

Tucumcari City Manager John Sutherland was elated that the city’s request for $380,000 received the governor’s OK. Sutherland gave the news of the approval a high five. “Now, we can go forward and fix the lift stations at Date Street and Elder Street,” Sutherland said. The entire project is estimated to cost about $1.2 million, Sutherland said.

The capital infusion into water and wastewater improvement projects will help the city meet required matches in grants that the city is seeking to make repairs and updates to its water and sewer system, Sutherland said.

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Vetoed regional requests:
— 9th Judicial District Attorney office equipment $20,000
— Clovis communications/administration building $350,000 Clovis
— Texico Municipal School District information technology $50,000 Texico
— Portales performing arts center equipment and furnishings $75,000 Portales
— De Baca County clerk’s office building construction $35,000
— De Baca County courthouse annex repair $30,000 Fort Sumner
— Fort Sumner irrigation district improvement $20,000 Fort Sumner

Requests approved:
Curry County
— Clovis Community College phone system upgrade $113,000 Clovis
— Clovis Food Bank refrigerator equipment $20,000 Clovis
— Clovis industrial park construction $200,000 Clovis
— Clovis Region IV Housing Authority building $70,000 Clovis
— Clovis Senior Center vehicles $28,546 Clovis
— Clovis streets improvement $25,000 Clovis
— Clovis wastewater plant repair $205,198 Clovis
— Curry County Fairgrounds renovate $20,000
— Curry County roads 10, E, C, D improvements $174,000
— Curry County Road Department equipment purchase $50,000
— Curry County Special Events Center construction $850,000
— 9th Judicial District Attorney vehicles purchase $62,000
— Grady emergency services equipment/vehicle $303,000 Grady
— Melrose cemetery expand and improvement $20,000 Melrose
— Melrose Fire Department substation $250,000 g Melrose
— Melrose health care clinic purchase and construction $60,000
— Melrose lift station and water system expand $20,000 Melrose
— Melrose Senior Center vehicles $44,000 Melrose
— Melrose water system improvement $100,000 Melrose
— NMSU Clovis agricultural science center improvement $74,000
— Texico Fire and Police Departments storage/maintenance building $20,000 Texico
— Texico water and wastewater improvement $150,000 Texico
Summary for Curry County. $2,796,744

Roosevelt County
— Causey Fire Department truck bays $40,000 Causey
— Dora Fire Department substation $120,000 Dora
— Elida maintenance vehicles $35,000 Elida
— Elida Municipal School District roads improvement $60,000 Elida
— Elida streets improvement $35,000 Elida
— ENMU biological sciences equipment $37,000 Portales
— ENMU emergency phone equipment $30,000 Portales
— ENMU KENW training studio $88,000 Portales
— ENMU physical sciences equipment purchase $25,000 Portales
— ENMU voice laboratory equipment purchase $40,000 Portales
— ENMU weight training facility $350,000 Portales
— Floyd Fire Department addition $100,000 Floyd
— Floyd water treatment facility construction $49,000 Floyd
— N Abilene Road improvement-Portales $50,000 Portales
— Portales affordable housing $200,000 Portales
— Portales community service center renovate $100,000 Portales
— Portales Fire Department main station construction $90,000 Portales
— Portales Memorial construction $25,000 Portales
— Portales Memorial Park swimming pools $45,000 Portales
— Portales streets improvement $50,000 Portales
— Roosevelt County roads improvement $495,000
— Roosevelt County Sheriff office equipment purchase $55,000
— Roosevelt County special hospital district emergency and trauma center $35,000
Summary for Roosevelt County. $2,154,000

De Baca County
— De Baca County transfer station equipment purchase $270,000
— De Baca County valley community house renovation $41,000
— Fort Sumner Library expansion $50,000 Fort Sumner
— Fort Sumner Municipal School District parking lots improvement $50,000 Fort Sumner
— Fort Sumner Police vehicles purchase/equipment $50,000 Fort Sumner
— Fort Sumner sewer system improvement
Summary for De Baca County. $761,000

Quay County
— Eastern N.M. Rural Water Authority Ute Reservoir $230,000
— Logan landfill equipment and truck loader $100,000 Logan
— Logan Municipal School District vehicles purchase $25,000 Logan
— Logan senior center vehicles $35,000 Logan
— Logan water and wastewater infrastructure build $25,000 Logan
— MCC North American wind research and training center $25,000 Tucumcari
— NMSU Tucumcari agricultural science center $25,000 Tucumcari
— Quay County infrastructure improvement $80,000 Tucumcari
— Quay County rock crusher purchase $300,000
— San Jon ambulance chassis purchase $25,000 San Jon
— San Jon Fire Department facility and truck $300,000 g San Jon
— San Jon Municipal School District activity bus $55,000 San Jon
— Tucumcari water and wastewater improvement $380,000 Tucumcari
Summary for Quay County. $1,605,000

Regional total: $7,316,744

Source: N.M. Senate Bill 471: