Tucumcari city election ballots verified

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Candidate Jimmy Sandoval attended the verification of ballots from Tuesday’s election for three seats on the Tucumcari City Commission.
Sandoval won the District 2 race against incumbent Christopher Maestas by two votes, 62 to 60.
Quay County Magistrate Judge Joel Garnett verified the ballots on Wednesday with city clerk Jeannette Maddaford. None of the races were contested and the vote count was accurate on Tuesday.
This was the second time the two men, Sandoval and Maestas, were in a race for the district seat. The last time, the vote was 67 to 67.
At that time, it was agreed each of the men would draw a card and the one with the highest card would be declared the winner. Then Magistrate Judge Edwin Bruhn spread the cards out on the table.

“I should have said ‘deuces are wild,’ because I drew a deuce,” Sandoval said. Maestas picked the higher card, and won.
Sandoval said he expected to be see positive changes from the City Commission within a year.
All other incumbent commissioners won their respective races.