Trigg Hospital administrator resigns

By Chelle Delaney

Matt Posinski, administrator of Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital, resigned late last week, effective April 11.

Posinski said he has accepted a position with St. John’s Mercy Hospital in Washington, Mo., as vice president of clinical and ancillary services.
Washington is close to St. Louis and family, which makes the job attractive, Posinski said.

“It’s been almost five years. I’m leaving just shy of 10 days. I’ve enjoyed my time here. It’s easy and difficult. Easy because we’ll be near family; difficult because I’ve met and worked with a lot of nice people. I’ve enjoyed my experience here,” Posinski said.

Posinski and his wife, Kristi, who have four boys, came to Tucumcari in April 2003. Posinski headed up the hospital’s physical therapy department and began his administrative role in July 2006.

A number of projects, including a campaign to have the hospital’s roof repaired, state-of-the-art medical record sharing, updated fire suppression system and recruitmeant of physicians and establishing a physician’s office, have been initiated while Posinski has been at the helm.

“The hospital board and Presbyterian are behind the projects and they are moving forward 100 percent,” Posinski said.

In the future, Posinski said, it is expected that an announcement of one and/or more physicians coming to Tucumcari will be made.