Man found with gunshot wounds on Laughlin Street

By QCS Staff

A Tucumcari man with gunshot wounds was found lying in the middle of Laughlin Avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets early Wednesday morning, police said.

The man, who police said was in his early 20s, was shot with a small caliber gun in the hand and in the lower back or buttocks, said Tucumcari police detective Jack Hendrickson.

He was found a little after 1 a.m. and taken to Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital. From there he was transported to a hospital in Amarillo, Hendrickson said.

He underwent surgery in Amarillo and three to four hours after the surgery, against medical advice, he discharged himself from the hospital, Hendrickson said.

“Neither one of the bullet wounds are life-threatening,” Hendrickson said.

Police would not release the victim’s name.

The victim is believed to have been in a fight, but, “we don’t know a lot of reasons for the fight,” Hendrickson said.

The police have a possible suspect who may have fled to Clovis, Hendrickson said.

No arrest warrants had been issued on Thursday morning, Hendrickson said.