Logan resident harnesses wind for home-based power

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Large companies may envision the caprock rimmed with wind farms. Logan resident, Jerry Griffin dreams of a wind turbine in every backyard.
On Tuesday, Griffin installed about a 40-foot, 1.9 kW wind turbine for residential use in his yard.

Many motorists slowed to near standstill as they watched the proceedings. It’s a familiar 540 Loop Road corner where the shaved ice stand normally sits in the summer months.

Griffin estimates his own personal wind turbine will cover the electrical needs for the residence he and his wife, Kemp, own on a two-acre lot at Windy Point.

A native of Portales, who has lived in Logan for about five years, Griffin worked on the installation of the turbines at the Caprock Wind Farm near San Jon at the same time he and his wife moved to Logan.

Intrigued by the larger venture, Griffin is now a dealer for Skystream of Flagstaff, Ariz., which markets residential models.

His wind tower is a billboard of sorts for his new venture. In the parlance of the smaller wind turbines, the tower is also known as a “residential power appliance.”

To install his turbine, Griffin said he checked with the Village of Logan to ensure that the tower would meet its codes.

Next, he said, he worked with Farmers Electric Cooperative to ensure that the turbine would be compatible with the utility’s grid.

With those preliminary requirements met, he is now waiting for Farmer’s Electric to complete the hook up.

Whatever power his turbine generates, the utility is expected to pay, at a reduced rate, for the kW hours that the Griffins do not use.

In addition, Griffin said, there are incentives, such as rebates and tax breaks from the state and the federal government that users can take advantage of.