Contrary to Wolf’s declaration, you can go home again

By Lynn Moncus

Members of Tucumcari Historic Research Institute were treated by the presence of two favorite Quay County natives at our annual dinner Monday evening at the Elks Lodge.

Dr. David Stratton, Professor Emeritus of History at Washington State University was met by his high school English teacher, Mrs. Kathryn Stephenson who now lives in Edmond, Okla.

Just to see that teacher-student reunion was a major privilege for those of us who have known them for more years than we can count. A very special bond exists between teachers and students and is obviously a very lasting one as Dave had graduated from Tucumcari High School in 1945 and had been in her class several years before that. They have remained in touch through the years, and Mrs. Stephenson was determined to come home to hear her student perform as a professor. As she sat beside him, I could feel the pride she was feeling and could also feel the love he was showing for his favorite teacher.

To be able to spend the evening in the presence of an outstanding history