House School honors for third quarter 2008

The following students from House Municipal Schools were on the honor roll for the grading period ending April 3, 2008:

A Honor Roll
12th Grade
Angelina Romo

8th Grade
Kaylee Tibbs

5th and 6th Grades
Josy Sepulveda

3rd and 4th Grade
Trenton Lee
Koby Valentine

A and B Honor Roll
Kris Foust
DeeAnna Henson

Bobby Lee
Colt Prather
Brittnee Roybal

Kaylee Vineyard

8th Grade
Efrain Rodriguez

7th Grade Cheyenne Price

5th and 6th Grades
Casey Price

3rd and 4th Grades
Katelyn May
Shaylee Moon
Taylor Parmer
Garrett Rutherford