Health screenings set to target Quay County’s five leading causes of death

By QCS Staff

In this case it is not good to be among the top five.

In this case, it is the top five leading causes of death in Quay County. They are:
l Heart disease
l Cancer
l Respiratory diseases
l Accidents
l Tied for fifth place are diabetes and cerebrovascular disease.

These were leading cause of death in 2005 in Quay County, according to state health statistics.

They are also the reason the upcoming Quay County Community Wellness Fair is gearing its health screenings to catch the warning and early signs and symptoms of these particular diseases and problems, said Alida Brown.

Brown is the coordinator of the Quay County Maternal Child and Community Health Council which is organizing the fair with the help and support support of local organizations and businesses in Quay County.

One screening, for example, will be a free full panel on blood sugar and lipid or fats in the blood,