Teens weigh in on downtown redevelopment

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

If Tucumcari teens had their way, the city’s downtown would see a return of the Big Dipper ice cream shop, a venue for teen and family music and activities, sidewalks of brick pavers, more shops and businesses that would also offer more jobs, and perhaps, even a skating rink that featured a different theme weekly.

Nineteen teens gathered on Thursday to participate in a teen visioning session sponsored by Tucumcari’s Main Street project, which is spearheading a redevelopment plan and program for the city’s downtown.

The teens, freshman to seniors from Tucumcari schools, answered a series of questions and prioritized their answers and recommendations on topics ranging from the benefits of redevelopment to opportunities in the downtown area.

“Their responses aren’t that different from the adults,” said David Buchen, executive director of Tucumcari Main Street. “If I could figure out a way, I’d have several of the teens serve on our board.”

Adults from the community participated in a similar Main Street visioning session last year.