April 26, 2008 Library Books

The following books are available from the Tucumcari Public Library. For more information, call 461-0295.

Lush Life
by Richard Price. An aspiring writer becomes a suspect in a friend’s murder on the Lower East Side.
Black Widow by Randy White. An extortionist threatens to release a tape of Doc’s goddaughter’s wild bachelorette party in the 15th Doc Ford novel.
Another Thing To Fall by Laura Lippmann. A Baltimore private investigator becomes the bodyguard of a difficult star on the set of a TV series.
Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark. Years ago, a college student named Charles MacKenzie walked out of his life for no apparent reason. Since then, once a year, he calls his mother to assure her that he’s all right, and to ask her not to look for him. Now, Mack’s younger sister, Carolyn, has decided to find him. Her search uncovers a lot of old secrets among the people closest to her, and someone is trying to prevent Carolyn from solving the mystery behind her brother’s disappearance.
Winter Study by Nevada Barr. The national park ranger Anna Pigeon returns to an island park in Lake Superior, where a monstrous wolf is at large.
Dead Heat by Joel C. Rosenberg. With the world on the brink of war, terrorists plot to assassinate a candidate in a closely fought presidential election.

Common Wealth
by Jeffrey Sachs. An economist argues for global cooperation around shared goals of sustainable development.
Human Smoke by Nicholson Baker. A pacifist outcry against the aerial bombing of civilians.

Tell Me Where It Hurts by Nick Trout. A veterinary surgeon describes recent advances in animal medicine and the controversies that come with them.

Retribution by Max Hastings. The clash of naval and air forces in the final drive to defeat Japan.

Physics Of The Impossible by Michio Kaku. A theoretical physicist who is one of the founders of string theory discusses the possibility of phenomena like force fields, teleportation and time travel.