Spring fever nipping at heels

By Aggie Moncus

I, Aggie, have captured the computer for the afternoon and plan to do a little visiting with my major fans. The slave has kept me away from my writing chores for so long that I fear some of you may have forgotten me, but she assures me that I am a most unforgettable character. Was she giving me a compliment or one of her usual insults?

Now that the weather is warm, I really like to take our country rides because that same slave tends to take longer walks when she isn’t having to wear a heavy coat.

She just seems to perk up when spring arrives, and I begin to feel better also because I like to watch new calves appear and to listen to the birds singing as we walk along.

Have you noticed that some of the birds in our neighborhood tend to awaken around 3 a.m. and begin to sing at top voice? I have discussed that matter with them because they interrupt my dreams and force me to listen to their songs. Of course, I like their songs, but I’d rather hear them during the day when normal birds do their best singing. The slave told me that the loudest night-singer in our area is a mockingbird, and I believe that because the many tunes I hear have to be copied from someone. I sometimes bark at the noise, but that doesn’t seem to throw them off for even one note.

It is now time to insist that the slave take me to those canyons so we can both begin to enjoy the beautiful weather.

She really hasn’t been worth much for over a year because she hasn’t been out there to think and to dream. I’m going to make her get a move on early someday soon and force her to take me out home so she will get into a good mood for the rest of the year. She really needs that quiet time with me so she can begin to think straight again. When she stays away from those canyons too long, she tends to lose touch with the important things in life, such as with me and my needs. She’s apt to forget to tell me good morning or to wish me sweet dreams at night, and then she expects me to be one friendly pet. She will finally come to her senses one day soon because I can tell that she has those canyons on her mind.

When we have to walk in the high wind on Sunday afternoons, I tend to frown a bit because I am tossed from side to side.

I have explained that we could go for our walk in the early morning and miss those breezes, but she seems to think we need to wait until the trees and bushes are bent double before we leave town. I think she really likes to eat that dirt as we wander along. Yes, she is getting quite strange.

Recently, she and I had a little misunderstanding about the kind of food I prefer. I don’t know where she found some of the cans she tried to force me to sample. She should know by now that I’m just a bit particular about what I eat and can refuse to eat if the food isn’t just right. I went on strike for a few minutes last week, and she fed me some of the steak she was cooking for herself.

She knows I prefer that to that canned goop and should feed me steak at all times. You might mention that to her the next time you see her.

I’ve really enjoyed our visit and will try to capture the computer again soon!