Friendship flows through the generations

By Lynn Moncus

At times, some of our experiences are so special that we wonder how we could be fortunate enough to have them. The past weekend, for instance, was a major emotional high and a time during which to collect priceless memories.

Through the years, I have written about Dr. Marion Hardman, my dear friend and mentor at New Mexico State University. During the many years in which I lived in Las Cruces, she shared her four grandchildren with me and caused me to feel as close to them as I would have to young relatives of my own. From the time they were born, each of them carved out a special place in my heart and has remained there despite our not having seen each other but rarely during all the years since her death.

Her grandson, Harry, called to invite me to attend a commencement party for his son, who was graduating from NMSU with a degree in English. At first, I said I wouldn’t go, but the more I thought about what Marion would have me to do, the more I knew I had to be there and called to accept the invitation. Little did I realize what an emotional evening lay ahead or how much love and warmth would surround me.

Not only was I greeted with rib splintering hugs and lip crushing kisses, but I was referred to as “Granny’s best friend” when introduced to some of her great grandchildren. With each hug and kiss, most of us broke into tears because of our love and because we hadn’t seen each other in so very long. Although I had tried to keep up with them through their parents and via yearly greetings,