Bear appears to have left Conchas Lake area

By QCS Staff

With no further sightings of a Black bear cub since May 17, park officials believe the cub has moved out of the Conchas Lake area.

“It’s an immature bear just out exploring” said Gary Cordova, U.S. Corps of Engineers project manager for Conchas Dam.

There were sightings of the bear for about two weeks up until May 17, officials said. The bear was seen searching for food in garbage cans and was seen in wooded areas near the U.S. Corps of Engineers offices at Conchas.

Park staff have been monitoring a trap set out earlier this week by the state’s Department of Game and Fish. But as of today it remained empty.

If the cub had been trapped, it would have been relocated to an area away from human habitation, officials said.

With hundreds of visitors expected this weekend, Conchas park officials speculate that the increased activity and noise will keep the bear away from populated areas.

At Ute Lake State Park in Logan there have been no bear sightings, said park superintendent Rodney Paris.