Aggie’s orders are swell surprise

By Lynn Moncus

The stay in Las Cruces a couple of weeks ago was sort of divided into two segments, one being the party with the Dr. Marion P. Hardman family and the other being the time spent with my young friend, Debbie Widger, who tends to see that I have a place to stay and to see that I have a chance to do some real visiting with a favorite Aggie.

Debbie works for the NMSU Foundation and is probably the best known Aggie in our country. We have visited about her through the years since I have been home because she tends to be one of the few friends from that area who knows how to get to Tucumcari and who keeps in touch throughout the year.

She had her work cut out to find me a motel room because I didn’t decide to head south until a little after most rooms were already reserved for people attending commencement. As usual, she came through and met me upon arrival so we could begin catching up on the latest news. Although I am much her senior, she has known most of my old friends from the chapter of life I spent on campus and keeps me up to date on their activities. Just listening to her talk about her job and about those friends was a most relaxing way to begin that short sojourn.

Fairly early the next morning, she called to say she would drop by the room on her way to work so we could make arrangements for other activities before the Hardman party. When I opened the door, she handed me a dozen red roses and a Mother’s Day card from Aggie and a batch of home made brownies to go with my morning coffee. She explained that she and Aggie had been in contact and that she was merely following orders. Obviously, Debbie speaks Aggie’s language because they have conspired before with greetings but never quite so excessively as with the roses.

We conversed for a little while before she had to go to work and agreed to meet back at the motel later so she could take me to meet Chuck, her husband, for lunch.

Of course, I was in agreement with another eating engagement and was particularly pleased that Chuck would be joining us as we rarely have time to say more than hello during most visits down south. Because they were well aware that all popular eating establishments would be filled to overflowing because of commencement, they had decided to take me to a new restaurant that wouldn’t yet be on the map of the returning Aggies. They also know that I tend to crave Mesilia Valley chile and must feast on it most of the time I’m in that area. Well, feast we did and had a great time visiting as well. For a change, Chuck had a chance to say a few words and certainly made that time together most pleasant.

To be able to spend time with two such wonderful young people and to be able to relax while visiting with them was a major treat. Debbie even drove me by their home so I could wave at their beautiful dogs and could understand even more why she and Aggie can communicate so easily. Now, I am awaiting the time during which she and Chuck can show up here at the same time so we can visit and enjoy this area. I trust that Debbie knows just a little about how much I appreciate all she does for this aging Aggie and that she will continue to remain as real as she is now despite the promotions she continues to earn. She knows I am very proud of her accomplishments, but she really can’t know how much I cherish her friendship no matter what I say to her. Friends are most definitely our most precious gifts!