City adopts Adopt-A-Highway

By QCS Staff

Following an appeal by a service organization, the Tucumcari City Commission approved the adoption of the Adopt-A-Highway program.
The Rotary Club of Tucumcari wanted to assist in city clean up efforts and found the Adopt-A-Highway was already supported by the state’s Department of Transportation, said Diane Morency, a member of the Rotary.

“It’s already in existence and would accomplish what a lot of groups in the city are talking about, clean up and beautification,” Morency said.

The state DOT will help groups that become involved in the program, Morency said, by installing two highway signs indicating the adopted section and responsible organization, providing trash bags for clean up, collecting and disposing of trash bags, litter and debris and providing safety orientation as needed to groups.

The Rotary will take the lead and adopt the first mile of a highway, Morency said.

The group would also recruit others to adopt a mile of highways, Morency said.

Highways available for adoption are Route 66 in Tucumcari, Highway 54 (mile post 303 to 306), and Highway 104 (mile post 100 to 106).

For more information, call Diane Morency at 505 980-7925.