Still time to plant veggies

By Tom Dominguez

There’s still have time to put in your vegetable garden!
Warm weather is here and the conditions for establishing many plants begins to diminish, except for those plants that like it hot.Several vegetables can be planted right now. Here are a few warm season vegetables that really like warm conditions. Here’s a run down on vegetables that either like it hot or don’t mind it hot.

We are on the downhill side for establishing beans, so plant right away or wait until the fall planting dates. Beans are super sensitive to cold, wet soils and will generally protest cold conditions by failing seedlings, yellow leaves, poor slow growth and young plants falling over. If you look at the stem just below the soil line, there is often a lesion. This is typical of damping off, which is a seedling disease that attacks newly germinated seedlings, especially those that need warm conditions.
Plant beans in a sunny location in well-drained soils. Till or spade soils 6-8 inches deep, add 2-3 inches of organic matter and a little pre-plant fertilizer. Plant seeds about an inch deep and thin plants 3-4 inches apart — place them further apart for pole beans.
When plants are 6-8 inches tall they may need additional nitrogen fertilizer. Fertilizer can be applied on both sides of the row a few inches away from the stem.
This is also a good time to mulch the plants with a few inches of organic mulch. If plants begin to develop yellow new leaves with green veins, an application of iron may be necessary.

Watermelon, cantaloupe
Watermelon and cantaloupe need to also be planted right now. Melons like it warm and will come up in 7 to 10 days with good soil prep and proper planting.