Cosner leads Democratic primary in Quay County

By QCS Staff

Native son Craig Cosner, took Quay County’s Democratic primary votes to run for State Representative District 67. Cosner had 825 votes compared to Van Robertson who had 334 votes.

In his first political race, Cosner said it was humbling to be a candidate.

Waiting to hear the voter results in Quay County, Cosner was at the Quay County Courthouse house, where he received congratulatory handshakes.

Running in District 67, which covers six counties, Cosner said he had done a lot of traveling and learned that most people had the same concerns ranging from education for their children to health care.

Including the district’s other counties, Cosner won 1,250-877.

Voter turnout was light in Quay County, which Cosner attributed to the state caucus held earlier this year for Democrats to select a presidential candidate. In that election, Democrats from Quay County selected Hillary Clinton.

In the Democratic race for Quay County Commissioner, District 1, Robert Lopez defeated Douglas Powers 260-94.

Lopez is now unopposed, as is Quay County Republican, Commissioner Bill Curry in District 2.

In the race for U.S. Representative District 3, Ben Lujan took the Democratic lead with 416 votes.

Democrat Tom Udall who will face Republican Steve Pearce or Heather Wilson in the race for U.S. Senator, was unopposed in the Democratic primary and received 945 votes.

On the Republican ballot in Quay County, U.S. Representative District 3, Daniel K. East won with 325 votes compared to Marco E. Gonzales who had 149.

In the Republican race for U.S. Senator in Quay County, Steve Pearce received 324 votes and his opponent Heather Wilson received 196.
Republicans In Quay County choose John McCain to run for president over Ron Paul.

Ellen White, who is running unopposed for Quay County Clerk, received the most votes, 1,020.

With all precincts reporting, 1,180 Democrats voted and 530 Republicans voted, with a total of 1,718 voters casting their ballots in Quay County. There were 3,490 eligible Democrats and 1,819 eligible Republicans. Here is the vote count for Quay County:

Results for the Republican Party in the June 3 primary election:
President of The United States
443 John McCain
71 Ron Paul

United States Senator
324 Steve Pearce
196 Heather A. Wilson

United States Representative
District 3
149 Marco E. Gonzales
325 Daniel K. East

State Senator
District 7
445 Clinton D. Harden, Jr.

State Representative
District 67
430 Dennis J. Roch

District Judge
10th Judicial District
Division 1
429 Albert J. Mitchell, Jr.

County Commissioner
District 2
163 Bill Curry

Results for the Democratic Party in the June 3 primary election:
United States Senator
945 Tom Udall

United States Representative
District 3
416 Ben R. Lujan
385 Donald H. Wiviott
47 Benny J. Shendo, Jr.
116 Harry B. Montoya
105 Jon Adams
38 Rudy Martin

Justice of the Supreme Court
816 Charles W. Daniels

State Senator
District 7
822 Thomas Jeffrey Carr

State Representative
District 67
334 Van Robertson
825 Craig L. Cosner

District Judge
10th Judicial District
Division 1
901 Donald C. Schutte

District Attorney
10th Judicial District
Division 1
911 Ronald W. Reeves

Public Education Commission
District 9
852 Carolyn Kennedy Shearman

County Commissioner
District 1
260 Robert J. Lopez
94 Douglas N. Powers

County Clerk
1020 Ellen L. White

County Treasurer
982 Donna M. Dominguez