Getting by on one gallon at a time

Chelle Delaney

David Hale’s new BMX gas powered motor scooter only holds one gallon of gas.

“But I get 60 miles to a gallon,” Hale said.

Hale said it does save on gasoline and surely will be a savings in the future, as gas prices rise beyond the $4 mark.

“But I got it more for fun,” Hale said, manager of the Tucumcari Federal Savings and Loan Association.

Hale would not disclose how much he paid for his neon yellow motor scooter. He said he bought it for a good price from a friend who became disenchanted with the two-wheeled mode of transportation.

“If it’s windy, you don’t want to ride it,” Hale said.

“I did look into getting some leathers (Harley style), but they cost more than the scooter,” Hale said.

Hale said he’s had the scooter for about three months, and its odometer reads only about 300 miles.

“My three kids came home all at the same time recently, and they put 200 miles on it,” Hale said.

Depending on how much engine power you want, motor scooters can cost up into the thousands, according to an Internet search.

However, to tool around town, Internet searches reveal that a basic scooter could be purchased for about $1,200 or perhaps lower, depending on your tastes.

The top speed in Hale’s case is between 60 and 65 mph, but if you’re going uphill, it may be slower, Hale said.

Whether you’re going uphill or down, Hale said, “It’s a cheap mid-life crisis.”