School board moves forward on plans for new $23.8 million THS

Chelle Delaney

After months of planning and moving classrooms around on blueprints,
the Tucumcari School Board approved Thursday the basic design for the
new Tucumcari High School project by architects Greer Stafford, SJCF of
A combination of new and renovated buildings, the project will cost an
estimated $23.8 million, according to Tucumcari’s application to the
state’s Public School Capital Outlay Council.

Construction of the school is based on a 25 percent contribution by
Tucumcari Public Schools and a 75 percent contribution from the state,
said Ovidiu Viorica, a construction manager for Public Schools

Viorica was at the meeting Thursday to discuss the plans with board.

Eventually, costs of the project will exceed Tucumcari’s current bond funding that is available.

Already, the costs have escalated during planning because of rising
materials and fuel costs, Superintendent Aaron McKinney has said.
And an estimated $2.3 million to $3 million will not be available before the scheduled completion in 2011.

Depending on the final cost, the school will probably seek an advance
from the state to cover a portion of its 25 percent share which would
have to be paid back from a future bond election, Viorica, said.

l Total Probable Project Costs: $23,836,300

l Previously Awarded Funds
Phase 1: $ 7,296,333
State Match (75 percent)
$ 5,472,250
District Match (25 percent) $1,824,083

l Current Project Request: $ 2,273,455
State Match (75 percent)
District Match (25 percent)

l Potential 2009-10 Request to
Complete Project:
State Match (75 percent)
District Match (25 percent): $3,566,628