Enjoy, then anticipate next Rattler Reunion

By Lynn Moncus

Although many of us attend homecomings at universities, none of those can come close to our Rattler Reunion right here in our own home town. Those homecomings are just fine because we get to see a few of the people with whom we attended college and usually know only those who were on campus during our stay. At Rattler Reunion we know people from the Class of 1926 through the Class of 2008 and can remember friends who attended THS long before 1926. Our reunion is a real homecoming because this is our hometown.

We are much aware of all the work that goes into letting us have the privilege of being with friends for the first weekend in August, and we appreciate all those efforts. We usually take the time to express our feelings throughout these days together and to let those workers know we are always ready to donate to good causes and to see that these gatherings continue.

By the time this appears in print, we will be getting ready to go to the last big event of the weekend: the banquet. That is always the highlight because the host class recognizes the classes to be honored each year, and they also present the program to give us a glimpse into their time spent at THS. We then recall our own times as we listen and visit. We will be seeing our largest gathering of the weekend and will be trying to visit with all we know before the evening ends.

Some of us are fortunate enough to attend as alumni and as former teachers, thus giving us a double treat and major reasons for attending each year.

Whether as teachers or as students or as classmates, we often stare at each other in amazement because of the changes in appearance. We strain our eyes to read the name tags and then to see each other as we once were. When we haven’t seen each other during a 40- or 50-year span, we really need to be alert in order to recognize each other. As a teacher, I know that difficulty and am always delighted when former students identify themselves without trying to force me into guessing their identities. Some may not realize just how many students have crossed our paths during our teaching careers and the difficulty some of us have in remembering each name and face. Most of the time, once I hear the name, I can place that student in a particular classroom and can remember specific incidents. Of course, I am also privileged to live here and to see many of those former students every day.

Let’s all enjoy every minute we have together and have great times as we exchange stories of the past.

Through our laughter and tears, we will have one more reunion to add to our list and will be able to share our love of our school, our hometown, and our friends of a lifetime. As we recall “Hail to the Rattlers,” let’s stand tall with the pride that we have carried with us through the years and leave with the feeling that we will see each other again next year!