Racino not what entire town wants

By Brian Haines

Last week we held a rather well advertised rally regarding the potential coming of a “racino” to our community. During the course of the week I overheard several statements made that I wanted to use this forum to address:

First: at some point it was stated that “99 percent” of Tucumcari residents support the Racino. I can only say that this truly represents being out of touch with our community. To state it clearly, the racino is in no way nearly as popular as represented. I wonder if this confusion is caused by the number of banners that have been brought into our community and freely distributed supporting the racino. It is regretful that those of us opposed to this venture do not possess equally powerful coffers.

Have we stopped to ask “why would someone put so much money into promoting this?” I hope that all of the residents of Tucumcari are considering the amount of money being put into this is not out of love and affection for our community. We will one day have to “pay the piper” for these things; is it really our hope that we can rob others to pay for this endeavor?

Second: I also overheard the comparison made between farming and gambling, i.e. that gambling is no different that the chances taken by a farmer planting seed. Again, with all respect, this is also being out of touch with our community. Farming/ranching, our community backbone, is both one of the hardest and one of the most honest forms of labor in our nation. Gambling, also called consensual robbery, has no actual labor, and cannot be described as honest in any vocabulary. How can they be similar?

I recognize that our business community seeks some attraction to bring more dollars to our town. I understand our civic leaders support this with a desire to build up our town. However, to do so believing this is what our entire town desires would be a fraudulent premise.

Brian Haines