‘Deceased’ classmate found alive at reunion

Chelle Delaney

Many probably thought Eddie Rimel met his demise in a cycling accident four years ago.

That’s when he fell in a 150-mile race and ended up with about 200 stitches, mostly from injuries on his right side.

“Thanks to a good plastic surgeon,my arm looks normal,” said Rimel who is a triathlete.

Or maybe it was three years ago, when he fell again.

Maybe because of all those accidents, the cyclist association that he belongs to listed him as deceased. That’s how Rimel thinks it all might have started. “Someone might have seen that on the Internet,” he said.

And, even though he only lives a stone’s throw away by Eastern Plains standards, in Amarillo, Texas, no one had chanced upon him to set the record straight, said Rimel who owns a custom contracting business.

At the reunion, “People came up to me and said, “I heard you were dead,” Rimel said. Or they said, “ ‘Glad you’ve been resurrected,’” Rimel said. “They had a good time.”

A graduate of 1978, the reunion’s host class, Rimel said the last reunion he attended was his 15th. But this time Rimel doesn’t plan to stay away so long.

“I really had a great time,” said Rimel. “And I’m planning on coming to the next reunion, and the next.”
And, hopefully that will dispel any fatal rumors in the future.