Market area’s natural assets, leave the headaches and heartaches of casinos alone

By Nancy Hoff

I was appalled when I read in the newspaper that over 8,000 signatures have been collected in favor of the proposed racetrack/casino.

I wondered where these signatures had come from as there certainly are not 8,000 supporters in Tucumcari.

If Clovis and Amarillo want a casino so bad, let them fight for one in their town. Of course they would rather have it here where they can come and play, go home and not worry about the headaches and heartaches of having it in their backyard.

I am amazed at the greed of a few in this town. They think they’re going to make a bundle, but at what cost? Or don’t they care?

Why doesn’t this town advertise more about the two beautiful lakes nearby, and the good weather? This is perfect for a new “Sun City” like Arizona has. Retirees bring a lot of money into town.

When the racetrack/casino was discussed last year, it seemed