Nature’s glory should be appreciated but respected

By Lynn Moncus: Comments from the Canyon

At long last, I, Aggie, have captured the keyboard and am going to do some visiting with my friends. The slave has been very selfish for some months and hasn’t let me near any of the pens, papers, or even electronic gadgets. She mentioned something about my limited writing ability and that I needed to do some of the other chores around the place before even thinking about writing. At long last, she received enough complaints from my fans and decided to let me play today in order to keep both my fans and me quiet for a few days.

Since our last visit, much has happened on this corner and in our county, including a lot of water failing from the heavens, a lot of lightning flashing all over the skies, and a lot of loud claps of thunder sending me to my secure corner of the house. I rather like the rain as it gives me mud puddles to play in, but the bright lights and the loud noises scare me almost as much as does the high wind that often accompanies them. The slave teases me about being less than brave, but I notice that she nearly falls out of her chair when the thunder seems to be right over the house. She also tends to do a little dodging when the wind is blowing limbs all over the yard.

Last Sunday when we went for our usual drive in the country, she decided we wouldn’t get off the pavement because she said something about seeing too many crooked tracks on those dirt roads. Well, I really wanted to slide around on those roads as that is real fun, but she has become more of a coward than she used to be. At least, she did stop near the Plaza Larga so we could both hear that creek roaring as it headed toward the Canadian. She wouldn’t let me out of the car there and told me to stay put while she ambled along to take some pictures of that red water. She doesn’t like to have me even think of wading in the ditches in that beautiful water because she says that red mud doesn’t look good in the car. She gets particular at most peculiar times.

We finally stopped at a wide spot on the pavement so I could have my Sunday walk. For some reason, she wasn’t about to give me much time to get off that pavement and kept telling me to keep my paws out of the mud. I saw some butterflies that needed to be chased but nearly choked when I hit the end of the leash and could go no farther because she was standing very still on that pavement. Of course, she had told me that I shouldn’t try to do any running that day, but I hadn’t paid much attention as she will often break into a trot when I want to chase something. I guess I should have listened for a change. She wouldn’t even let me go to the fence to visit with some cattle because we would have had to wade through quite a bit of standing water. I just barked at them and went on looking for something else to check out.

I really appreciate all of you who get after the slave for keeping me from writing and hope you will tell her how much you have enjoyed reading my words again. I’d rather visit with you than to stay in that corner, but I think I had better head back there as I see some clouds gathering and fear some thunder and lightning may follow. Just keep enjoying that rushing water in the creeks, but stay on the banks because you don’t want to get hurt!