County official claims 911 central dispatch is not working

By Chelle Delaney: Quay County Sun

Quay County Commissioner Franklin McCasland called on the Tucumcari elected officials to get more involved and more effectively manage the Quay County Central Dispatch.

Central Dispatch receives 911 calls from the Quay County area and dispatches law enforcement and rescue units.

McCasland told the Tucumcari City Commission at Thursday night’s meeting that his concerns stemmed from the recent escape of the five prisoners from the jail in Clovis who made their way out of the jail through the roof.

“The dispatcher on duty failed to notify the Quay County Sheriff’s Department … Does a Quay County law enforcement officer have to lose their life before action is taken to resolve the numerous problems with dispatch? As I mentioned before this is not the first, second, third … or sixth incident. There are many but this is the most serious one,” McCasland said.

The events that occurred over the weekend are unacceptable, McCasland said.

Quay County Fire Marshal Donald Adams complained at one past Quay County Commission meeting that dispatchers were not calling out the correct units to respond to fires in certain territories.

Central Dispatch operates out of the Tucumcari Police Department and its operating fees are shared by the city and county.

The county had a two-year memorandum of understanding which began in 2006 and under which the county paid $150,000 annually to operate the center.

McCasland suggested that the city turn over the dispatch center to the county to manage and that the county use its funds to hire dispatchers.
The commissioners did not respond to McCasland’s comments.

However, a meeting has been set for 4 p.m. Friday at