Guard returns from hurricane duty

By QCS Staff

Men and women from the New Mexico National Guard returned Friday from Louisiana to the National Guard Armory in Tucumcari.

The guard was called out on Labor Day to respond to Hurricane Gustav which looked to be bearing down on New Orleans.

Alhtough Gustave was not as robust as expected, Tucumcari’s guard members assisted in helping those in need by delivering commodities to victims of Gustav in flooded areas of Louisana’s coastal region, said Staff Sgt. Timothy Clark.

Detachments from Santa Rosa and Las Vegas checked into the area as well.

Guard members planned to spend the weekend and early next week unloading vehicles and performing maintenace so that equipment would be ready for their next call.

The Tucumcari guard members rotated out of the Gustav area, leaving supplies for the next guard response team called in to assist with Hurricane Ike, Clark said.

In fact, a unit from Santa Fe left this week in respond to Hurricane Ike which made landfall Friday night on the Texas coast.