Total voter registrations on a slow uptick

Chelle Delaney

The number of eligible voters in Quay County has edged up slightly for the presidential election compared to the number of eligible voters in the June primary, according to statistics from the Quay County Clerk’s office.

“I attribute it to interest in the presidential election,” said Quay County Clerk Ellen White.
There have been a total of 165 new registrations since June, White said.
And Quay County’s number of eligible voters shows an increase even though 84 names were purged from the voter registration rolls because some had moved out of county, were deceased or for other reasons, White said.

Quay County’s voter registration drive has brought in 81 new voters since June, according to Quay County records.
Eligible voters for the June primary numbered 5,950 compared to the 6,031 eligible voters as of Monday.

A voter registration drive in Quay County through the Clerk’s Office will continue through Tuesday, the day registration books close for the general election.

Although registered Democrats are in the majority, the Republicans have seen an increase of almost 40 registered voters bringing their total up to 1,856.

Another 42 voters have been added to the category “declined to state” party affiliation.

Eligible voters who have registered Democrat number about 3,500.

Bill Menges, president of the Quay County Republican Party, attributed the gain of registered Republicans to work by local party officials in Tucumcari and Logan. “We’ve been at the all the festivals. We had a booth at the fair, at Heritage Dayze, we had booth out Saturday at Six Shooter Siding and Kathy Early (of Logan) has gotten a lot of people to register.”

Quay County Democratic Party co-chair Ron Wilmot said the Democrats have also been setting up booths at the area’s various fairs and festivals.

“We’re working hard to get more registered voters,” Wilmot said.

And the Barack Obama campaign has set up an office at 908 A west Route 66, Wilmot said.

Meanwhile, sample ballots are available at the Quay County Clerk’s Office for prospective voters to study.

So far, 222 people have requested absentee ballots, which is sizable compared to other elections, White said.

Here are some upcoming voter registration guidelines and deadlines:

l Anyone who will be 18 years of age before the Nov. 4 general election is eligible to register and vote. You must register by Tuesday.
l Absentee voting by mail and in person will begin Tuesday.

l Voters can request an application to vote by mail by contacting the Quay County Clerk.

For more information, call the County Clerk’s Office at 461-0510.

Eligible in June
Democrats 3,490
Republicans 1,819
Declined to state
party affiliation 568
Other 73
Total 5,950

Eligible to date*
Democrats 3,487
Republicans 1,856
Declined to state
party affiliation 610
Other 78
Total 6,031