Cowboy Leroy Webb of Tucumcari honored with Buck Ramsey Heritage Award

Special to the QCS

Special to the QCS
On Sept. 21, Leroy Webb of Tucumcari was presented the Buck Ramsey Heritage Award at the Nara Visa Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Here is his story:
From Texas to Wyoming, and California to New York, few people have had the wide range of experiences in their lives, as Leroy Webb.
The family’s history of ranching and cowboying began when his great-great-grandfather on his mother’s side came to Taos, before 1810.

His grandmother’s sister married Kit Carson II, the son of Kit Carson. In 1864 Leroy’s paternal great-grandfather came to Trinidad, Colo., from Indiana in search of gold. His parents, Iola Cordova and Bud Webb, whose family came from Arkansas to La Junta, Colo., had four children. The second was Leroy, bom in 1933. Four years later the family moved to Cimarron.

In the depression years, jobs were scarce and the family moved to different ranches to find work.

Webb and his older brother, Don, started school in 1939. They were living at a camp on the WS Ranch and had to get from the camp to the ranch headquarters to catch a car that was going on to school in Cimarron. His dad got the ranch to give them a horse for the kids to ride, so they rode him double. The cold winter ride could be brutal for the two boys who were not yet eight years old.

Leroy, Don and his dad drifted from ranch to ranch, living in two-room shacks, sometimes with no conveniences – just a woodstove and a coal oil lamp. But this offered them the opportunity to become familiar with horses. Webb broke his first colt at age 10. This started a lifelong vocation, breaking, training and showing horses.

His father had instilled a strong work ethic, and his mentors were cowboys who were energetic, tough and honest. He had a lack of enthusiasm for school, wanting instead, to be a cowboy like his father, so at age 14, after finishing the eighth grade, he set out on his own.