Presidential race adding to voter interest, registrations

Chelle Delaney

Pat Hunter came running into the Quay County Clerk’s office on Friday afternoon.

“Is this where I register to vote,” Hunter asked.

A staff member in the Clerk’s Office quickly gave her a form and Hunter just as quickly began writing in the blocks.

It was 4:59 p.m. Just one minute before the deadline for prospective voters to register at the Clerk’s Office.

“Do I have to write for legibility, or for speed,” asked Hunter bringing laughter in the office.

“I thought it was next week, and then one of the patients told me it was today, so I ran over,” Hunter said.

Hunter, a licensed practical nurse, said she moved four months ago from North Platte, Kan. to Tucumcari to work for Presbyterian Medical Services.

“I’ve never not voted, and I’d be stressed if I didn’t vote. You can’t gripe if you don’t vote,” she said.

Although Hunter filed as a Republican, she said, “I vote Independent.”

The outcome is going to make a very big difference, Hunter said. “It’s a very interesting year. I think there will be a big turnout on Nov. 4.”

Hunter was the 140th new voter to register within the past five working days, said Quay County Clerk Ellen White.

Also in the same period, 132 voters updated their voter registration for reasons such as a new house or change in party affiliation, White said.

And on Tuesday, 52 people voted early while another 331 were mailed ballots, White said.

Quay County’s preliminary tally of eligible voters is 6,133. That’s up from 5,950 eligible voters for the June primary.

The final tally of voters, however, will not be totaled until Friday, when villages, such as Logan, House and San Jon, submit their registrations and the state appointed agencies, such as the library, bring in their new voter registrations, White said.