Quay County winners garner $1 millon over the past year

Chelle Delaney

The New Mexico Lottery said this week that approximately $1 million in prizes was paid from lottery tickets sold in Quay County during the fiscal year ending June 30.

Logan resident Becky Williamson took home the most winnings in Quay County, claiming a $60,000 Scratcher™ prize, about a year ago.
This lucky lady from Logan also won another $1,000 in June from a scratch game.

So what did this 53-year-old grandmother do with her winnings?

Of her $60,000 in winnings the IRS got nearly $20,000 and the remaining $40,000 she has spent with no regrets, Williamson said.

“What I wanted was a car, phone and cable. Most of all I wanted a phone so I could talk to my grandkids, and I got my daughter a boob job, ” Williamson said.

“She’s going to kill me for saying that, but that’s OK, it’s true,” Williams said.

Including her car, phone and cable, Williamson said she paid off her debts, gave some to her church, had a great Christmas with her seven grandchildren who live in Amarillo and Childress, Texas, and helped one friend pay off some debts so that she could stay in her home.
“My husband (Ivory) says I only gave him $100.

“It was the most awesome experience,” Williamson said.

“It sounds dumb that I don’t have any left, but I don’t have any regrets.”

Williamson said she is still buying tickets. Sometimes, she doesn’t come out ahead, and other times she comes out even, Williamson said.
While winners took home $1 million, lottery sales in Quay County totaled $1.54 million for the fiscal year, said a lottery spokeswoman.

According to the state’s lottery office, other area lottery winners included:
l Eugenio Lujan, also of Logan, won a $50,000 Scratcher prize.
l Joe Elebario was Tucumcari’s largest winner, claiming a $30,000 Scratcher prize.
l Also of Tucumcari, Lucy Montano claimed a $4,000 prize playing 4 This Way, while Scratcher players:
l Sergio Rodriguez won $4,000
l Amy Segura won $2,000.
l Gloria Reed was the largest winner from San Jon, claiming a $25,000 Scratcher prize.

Quay County retailers earned about $130,000 in commissions from the sales.

For fiscal year 2008, the state’s lottery reported ticket sales of $147.1 million and record profits of $40.8 million. Profits are returned to the state to fund Legislative Lottery Scholarships, a tuition-assistance program for New Mexico residents attending the state’s public college and universities.

As of the Spring 2007 semester, more than 300 high school graduates from Quay County have attended college on $1.03 million in lottery scholarships.