Turbine parts arriving at Mesalands

By QCS Staff

Sections of a 1.5 Megawatt wind turbine for Mesalands Community College’s wind technology program are arriving daily at the college’s south 11th Street site.

Most are often accompanied by escort vehicles with flashing lights signaling a wide load.

The tower base unit is expected to be installed today or Thursday, followed by the mid- and top sections on Saturday, according to the college’s schedule.

The blades and machine head arrived Monday.

Here are statistics about the components fo the wind turbine.

Each blade is about 121 feet long and weighs 13,889 pounds.

The base section weighs 126,766 lbs and is 73.2 feet high.

The mid section weighs 83,455 lbs and is 82 feet high,

The top section weighs 65,939 lbs and is 98.4 feet high.

The machine head or nacelle, which is about the size of a single-car garage, weighs 121,916 pounds and is 28.9 feet long and about 12.5×12.5 feet.

And for those who want to watch bleachers have been set up.