Celebrate your freedoms, vote as you see fit

By Lynn Moncus

Being a member of the over-the-hill-gang certainly has its advantages because we can remember times that were and be thankful to have lived during them.

For instance, we can remember when we weren’t battered by politics and politicians for more than a few months at a time. In fact, we rarely were battered because we lived in quieter, more polite times and didn’t hear or read about the character bashing that tends to be so prevalent today. Just about the time I think someone might just use a manner or two, more trash talk comes forth.

Some of us were privileged to have quite a bit to do with elections during earlier years and listened to campaign speeches only at community gatherings, most of which were great outings during which neighbors got together and listened to the candidates while visiting with each other. Those candidates were rarely rude to each other, or if one got out of hand, he was asked to leave such a gathering. Because we didn’t have television, we were fortunate enough to read commentaries in newspapers, written by erudite reporters, or hear a few remarks on the radio.
We could listen to our evening radio programs, such as “Fibber McGee and Molly,” and “The Shadow” without having to change stations because we couldn’t stand the political ads being forced into our living rooms. Now, some of us have become “surfers” in order to stay away from the political ads on television. Despite our feelings about the individuals, we are plumb tired of hearing from them and about them. Our evenings are also interrupted by the ringing of the telephone with some canned message on the other end of the line or some computerized voice wanting us to answer questions for the latest statistics. Our mail boxes are stuffed with campaign jargon that sets the teeth on edge just at the sight of the latest barrage of insults being hurled at candidates.

As we think of the millions of dollars being thrown to the winds by so many candidates, we might wonder what they will do with the money of our country should they get into office. We can think of the people who could be fed, clothed, and taken care of by those dollars and wonder what the candidates can be thinking while spending all the money on their campaigns.

Because of the big dollar marks these days, we are aware that the man on the street cannot afford to run for office, and that is too bad because he might just be the one who could do the best job in a particular office.

At least, by this time next week, the election should be history. We should celebrate that and hope the media will find something far more worthy to place before the public. Just maybe we can relax for a few minutes before someone announces for another office.

Let’s also celebrate our freedom to vote as we see fit and to make up our own minds without being pressured by that media which thinks it has the answer to all things. We can vote our own feelings and can then tell others we have done our duty even though we don’t have to tell anyone just how we voted. Some things are still almost private!