Roch overtakes Tucumcari native Craig Cosner

By Freedom New Mexico

A Clovis native and former Texico school teacher, Republican Roch said he understands the issues that are important to Eastern New Mexico.
He said he plans to make education his first priority with funding for rural schools.

“The number of rural schools that we have, it’s just crucial that we get the new funding passed. I really feel like education, especially in our rural schools can’t be short thrifted any further,” he said.

“We have education and roads, those are the necessities that need priority funding.”

But first and foremost, Roch said he plans to go away for the weekend with his wife, who he said hasn’t seen much of him since the campaign started.

District 67, which Roch won, includes Union, Harding, Quay and Curry County.

Roch is assistant superintendent of Tucumcari Public Schools.

In Quay County, Roch pulled in 1,749 votes compared to Cosner who recieved 2,205 votes.

“I’m delighted we carried this area,” said Cosner, who was raised in San Jon and has lived most of his professaional ife as a banker in Tucumcari.

In other races, Quay County fell solidly behind the McCain-Palin ticket.

Linda Donwerth was disappointed in the outcome. But took in McCain’s concession speech. “We’ll have to get behind Obama, because we want to have unity in the country,” she said.

In a county that has a traditional split of two Democrats to every Republican, the Republicans fared well, said Bill Menges head of the Republican Party in Quay County.

“We lost the presidential, the U.S. Senate and House, we’re glad to have Scooter (Mitchell) and Dennis (Roch),” Menges said.