Homecoming reminder of good times past

By Lynn Moncus

Attending Homecoming at NMSU last week was a major treat for this Aggie who earned her first degree there 53 years ago. Seeing people with whom I had attended the College of New Mexico Agriculture and Mechanic Arts reminded me of the great times we had during those years and of the many years that have now intervened. Seeing peopie with whom I had worked at New Mexico State University made me much aware of how fortunate I had been to have had that opportunity to be in the English Department for twenty-five years.

As has been a major pleasure since my retirement, having the chance to visit with Vice-President Debbie Widger was one of the highlights of those special days. She always sees that I have places to go and things to do as well as greets me as an Aggie and as a friend. She is one outstanding young lady whom thousands of Aggies admire and respect. Seeing past presidents and deans was also most rewarding because we can now relax and talk as the friends we have become through the many years we have known each other.

Meeting Acting President Waded Crusado was rather special in this age of women serving in some offices throughout the land for the first time. She was most gracious as she addressed the Golden Aggies and then mingled with the crowd at the parade. She had spoken to each of us at that early-morning breakfast and then stopped to visit again during the parade. I admired the new pin designed for NMSU, and she replied that she would send me one. I thought that was a kind reply but was really surprised when she returned shortly, took off her pin, and pinned it to my jacket. I had the feeling that she might just have been the one woman I could have been proud to have worked for even though I never really wanted to have a woman boss. Yes, she made quite an impression on this rather stubborn woman from Ima.

Being able to spend much time with another alumna from THS as well as from NMSU was most pleasant. Maxine Pyeatt Perkins and I spent a number of hours together eating that wonderful Mesilla Valley chile in one form or another and in visiting about our years in our own Quay County. She recalled her years spent with her grandparents in the Norton area and her parents here in town. She was an outstanding horse woman in her youth and would come home every weekend while attending UNM to ride with the horseback square dancing team here. She described her carrying her saddle from the corner at which the bus driver would let her out here in town and would then pick her up on Sunday for the return trip. She took me to her home to show me pictures of her family and made me feel most welcome as she spoke of each member so lovingly. Because we tend to speak the same language, we are looking forward to many more happy visits both there and here. She certainly made me proud to be both a Rattler and an Aggie.

Homecomings and reunions remind us of just how very fortunate we are to have grown up in such surroundings and to have made so many outstanding friends throughout our life times. Each adds new memories for us to enjoy until we are ready to attend the next event.