School board considers changes to dress code

Chelle Delaney

Is it OK to have gold and purple hair during spirit week or at a track meet?

Is a tattoo or a bandaid that hides a tattoo more conducive to instruction in the classroom?

Is one facial piercing, such as an eyebrow bar, OK, or are two too many?

Or would it be better to just have uniforms?

“There should be no restrictions on hair color,” said Ashley Lopez, president of the Student Council.

“Logan and Santa Rosa allow (hair coloring). We’re getting into an area, in my mind, that’s the parents’ responsbility,” said board member Doug Powers.

These were some of the comments and questions that the Tucumcari School Board wrestled with during a Monday night work session on the schools’ dress code.

What many teachers at Tucumcari High School were most concerned about was safety, said teacher Christina Fleming.

For example, Lopez said a committee of Student Council officers suggested that cell phones be allowed, at least, during the change of classes.
School Superintendent Aaron McKinney said cell phones were banned because there had been an instance during an emergency at another school that caused the airwaves to be jammed because so many parents and students tried to contact each other. Authorities could not do their work because the airwaves were blocked, McKinney said.

Fleming said text messages by students at other schools had shown that students used them to alert others of a fight, schedule the sale of drugs or other activities that are unacceptable on school grounds.

The school board did not make any decisions.

Board member Carlos Romero said he expected the entire board room to be filled with students and parents who would have wanted to comment on the dress code.

Instead there were about 20 people who attended.

Romero suggested that a larger sample of the student body be surveyed.

And the board decided that it would take up the dress code again at another work session that would be announced in 30 days or more.

Before the work session, the school board approved a resolution for a Feb. 3 election at a special meeting for two board members whose terms expire and another who announced he will resign. They are:

l Marty Garcia in District 2
l Doug Powers in District 3
l Albert J. Mitchell, Jr., District 5, who is resigning because of his election to judge in the 10th Judicial Circuit.