Gas prices dip below $2

By QCS Staff

Leon Hewitt of Conchas was smiling as he filled up his ‘94 GMC pickup.

“The last time I filled up, it cost me $94,” Hewitt said. “Now it’s $40.”

Allsup’s gasoline had been $1.99 earlier and then dropped again Friday to $1.95

Because gas had gotten so expensive Hewitt said he hadn’t been driving his older pickup.

“Gas hasn’t been this low in more than a year. I hope it stays this way,” Hewitt said.

Prices on fuel grades, such as premium have became so expensive that some fuel stations have ceased to carry higher grades.
At the Travelers Inn Phillips 66, owner Larry Bond said premium was not selling that well, so he discontinued it.

His most recent delivery of regular cost him $2 per gallon and he said he would be marketing it at $2.09.

Bond said he can’t take advantage of the economy of scale that other retailers enjoy because they have numerous outlets and can by in bulk.

On Friday, an informal survey showed that the price per gallon for regular ranged from $1.95 to $2.04.

In New Mexico on Friday, the average price of regular was $2.34, compared to the average of $3.13 a year ago, according to AAA auto club Web site.

About 20 months ago, regular gasoline prices in Tucumcari dropped to $1.89, but began rising again in a few days, according to past news reports.