County approves contract to update detention center

Thomas Garcia

The Quay County Commissioners approved a $284,788 contract with Sierra Detention Systems of Colorado for upgrades at the Quay County Detention Center.

The contract will be for upgrades to the control panels for the adult and juvenile sections and cameras at the detention center.

The request to approve the contract with Sierra was presented by Lt. T.J. Rich, assistant administrator at QCDC.

“There have been no upgrades to the control panels or cameras since the construction of the detention center in 1990,” Rich said.

The county had previously applied and was approved for a loan from the state to begin the upgrades, Rich said.

“The contract will allow us to set up a deadline for project completion and a payment schedule for services rendered,” Rich said. “Sirrea will receive 50 percent of the total prior to work , 25 percent when equipment is on site and 25 percent when the work is completed.”

Rich said that currently there are two separate control panels for the adult and juvenile sections, the upgrade will combine the two panels into one board.

The commission also approved a loan application for $192,850 for a new fire pumper for the Conservancy Rural #3 Fire District.

The commission also discussed possible repairs to the exhibit hall and livestock arena at the Quay County Fairgrounds.

Fairgrounds superintendent Daniel Estrada outlined possible solutions for leaking roofs at the fairgrounds, such as repairing both sections of the roof at the same time.

Commissioner Bill Curry suggested that the repairs be split into two separate projects.

At the exhibit hall, a inch of foam insulation could be installed and then the roof could be repaired, Curry said. And, repairs could be performed on the livestock arena roof.

The exhibit hall and livestock arena are used frequently by many organizations such as the Quay County 4-H.