Families give thanks for their blessings

Chelle Delaney

The rush is on. The grocery carts are filling up at Lowe’s and the colorful autumn table decorations are being selected from the shelves at Kmart.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

But the little community of San Jon got a head start Sunday on the holiday with their “Thanksgiving Git-Together.”

They put on a spread with lots of fixings to go with everything from briskets to turkey and desserts that filled several table tops.
“We’ve been talking about doing this for several years. It’s a good chance to visit with friends,” said C.L. Bowe.

Emcee Gerald White said the dinner was organized with the help of four of San Jon’s churches, the Assembly of God, the Baptist Church, the Catholic community and the United Methodist church.

Many of the families brought the desserts, which attracted Helen Snapp, 4, who appeared to have no trouble heading for the chocolate cupcakes.
Students from San Jon Schools provided the Thanksgiving decorations with drawings and a list of Thanksgiving values that were taped to the center’s walls.

Here are some of the things that several fifth graders wrote about that they were thankful for.

Jaylor Romans said he was “thankful for electricity” as well as the holiday, Americans, animals and even school.

Kylee Key wrote that she was thankful for her family, her friends, her teachers and for her “school so I can learn and be smart.”
Key also said, “I am thankful for water so I don’t get dehydrated.”

Sam Robinson wrote:
“I am thankful for my grandparents for giving me my first horse.
“I’m thankful for Mom adopting me.
“I’m thankful for my family taking me in.
“I’m thankful for my sisters for excepting (sic) me as their brother.”

With that kind of brotherly love, Thanksgiving can’t get much better.