Quay County Sun ending home delivery

By QCS Staff

Starting with the Jan. 3 edition of the Quay County Sun, subscribers will only receive their paper through the mail.

Customers who now have home delivery will have their subscriptions sent via U.S. mail, said Mike Grigg, circulation director for Freedom New Mexico, which publishes the Quay County Sun. Their cost won’t change to the mail price until their current subscription expires.

“In a tightening economy we have to reduce expenses,” Grigg said. “And we’d rather do this than significantly increase the subscription rates. The Quay County Sun is one of the few weekly or twice-weekly papers in our region and in the nation that still provides home delivery.”

Paying a carrier to deliver the paper costs more than the home-delivery subscription price, he said.

The change also will help offset major increases in newsprint and other items used to produce the paper.

“The Wednesday paper will come by mail on Thursday and the Saturday paper will come by mail on Monday,” Grigg said.