Bee-ware: Taking to the road can have its hazards

By Aggie

The slave just left for afternoon coffee and told me I could write this column as it would be the last chance I’d have to write this year and the only chance I’d have to write before Christmas.

Well, let’s begin by wishing you an early “Happy Holidays” and then get on with our visiting about all that has been going on in this dog’s life since we last got together.

I have really enjoyed the coming of the cold weather because I can stay close to the slave and can also have fun outside while running and playing.

She and I even took a walk in the rain one day and were hit by a couple of flakes of snow before we returned to our car.

I don’t think I have really told you what I think of that car she is now driving, but I surely would like to have that man who sold it to her for lunch!
For one thing, it was not built for the ease of a dog jumping into the front seat as the distance between the seat and the steering wheel cause me to have to think thin, and the path along the floor to the passenger’s seat makes me think even thinner.

Once I finally get into that seat, I am ready to get out again because it isn’t very comfortable and it isn’t convenient for me to place my nose between the seat and the door when I am trying to hide from those dreadful windshield wipers.

I would really like to meet the person who invented what the slave calls a sun roof.

For one thing, it scared me silly when she opened it the first time. Next, she had it open one afternoon when a whole herd of bees flew in, and she had to get rid of them before either of us got stung. I was going to help her by snapping at them, but she punched me down into the seat and told me to remain still while she let each one land on her hand so she could put it out the window. I was plumb tired by the time she finished that little chore, and she seemed even more upset than usual because she is always afraid of anything that flies. At least, neither of us was stung,

and that was a small miracle because that hand they were landing on was sweating by the time she let the last one fly away. At least, she hasn’t opened that hole in the roof again!

I’ve been having great fun making a list for her to send to Santa Claus as he likes to know what I want so he can start collecting a whole sackful of presents. I have already written him a letter telling him how well-behaved I have been this year and have told him that he needn’t feel obligated to include anything for the slave because she has been a little cranky on occasion.

Besides, he might not have room for anything for her by the time he collects all the goodies I want.

Let’s all just enjoy each day of this great month and think of the good times that we will have as we approach another year.

If you are a slave, I hope your furry friend will have as much fun as I and that you will also have a good time along the way as you collect gifts for that real friend. This has been a good year, and I’m already looking forward to the next one so I can begin another list.