Winners of pecan show to be announced today

Thirteen sounds like the lucky number for the first-ever Quay County Pecan Show, said county agent Tom Dominguez.

“The only county that has one is Dona Ana,” Dominguez said. “Hopefully, this will be a yearly deal for Quay County.”

The 13 entries in the show were being judged Friday night by Dominguez,
who was looking for color, how well developed the meat was and other

The winner will be announced at today’s pecan show at the Tucumcari Convention Center.

Among the 13 entries were four different varieties, he said.

Assisting Dominguez to prepare the pecans for judging was pecan grower
Lem Chesher, who has been growing pecans for about 12 years and has 70

“It’s been a good year for us,” Chesher said.

Pecans alternate years between heavy and light production, and while
it has been an off year for other areas, Quay County’s pecans seem to
be doing well, Chesher said.

“We’ve been in a drought for so long they haven’t had the moisture
they’ve needed .. but all the rains in July helped,” Dominguez said.
Dominguez and Chesher estimated retailers are currently selling 12 ounces of pecans for about $6.

in addition to the winning grower at today’s pecan show, the winners of those recipes, cooked with peacns, of course, will also be judged today.

Which state produces the most pecans?


State Pounds
Georgia 150 million
New Mexico 74 million
Texas 70 million
Oklahoma 30 million
Arizona 23 million

2008 Forecast

State Pounds
Georgia 70 million
New Mexico 45 million
Texas 32 million
Arizona 15.5 million
Oklahoma 13 million