12-13-2008: Scholarships for high school students

The following are the deadlines for college scholarship opportunities for students at Tucucmari High School. Students and/or their parents should contact their high school counselors to learn about these and other scholarhsip opportunities.

Jan. 9, Elks National Foundation 2009 Most Valuable Scholarship Application
Jan. 16, President’s Associate Honors http://honors.nmsu.edu/PA
Jan. 25, McKelvey Foundation Scholarship
Jan. 31, American Society of Military Comptrollers Scholarship
Jan. 31, Discover Scholarship Program, www.discoverfinancial.com/community
Feb. 1, National Scholars Program Scholarship
Feb. 1, West Texas A&M University Scholarships
Feb. 1, NMEC High School Scholarship Application
Feb. 2, Burger King Scholarship
Feb. 2, Farmers’ Electric Education Foundation Scholarship Fund
Feb. 2, ENMR Plateau Scholarship- Rural Service
Feb. 15, National Commission for Cooperative Education
Feb. 15, AXA Achievement Scholarship
Feb. 16, NMCSA Scholarship
Feb. 27, Everyone’s Federal Credit Union Scholarship

March 1, Flying J Inc. Scholarship
March 1, NMSU Scholarship, http://fa.nmsu.edu/
March 6, ENMR Plateau Scholarship- Education Foundation
March 10, New Mexico State Charitable and Benevolent Trust Scholarship
March 31, American Region Riders Chapter 9 Scholarship