Remember to capture, share Christmas spirit

By Lynn Moncus

Didn’t we just finish celebrating Christmas a couple of days ago? As we get farther over the hill, the days seem to pass all too rapidly and to keep us confused as to just where we are on the calendar.

When I was gainfully employed, I never began preparations for the season until the semester exams were finished and the final grades were posted. I would then go forth to shop and to write cards knowing that I usually had about a week in which to get everything done that needed to be done. Well, I’m no longer gainfully employed and now I seem to have less than a week to get everything under control. Something is slightly askew in this picture!

At any rate, we are made much aware of the season as the carols blast forth on the radio and television and as we see the decorations throughout the area. We are also reminded by those friends who have taken time to send cards and who also take time to wish us the joys of the season as we meet each other on the street. We are much aware that this can be a difficult season for some people, and we need to do all possible to help them through these days. We can take the time to listen to them and can also take the time to let them know we are around in the event they need a little help. This is a major part of our tradition in this area, and many of our people still look out for each other.

Those of us who are in good health and are preparing for the holidays are very fortunate to live in this area because we can help others and because we are greeted so warmly by our many friends.

I just enjoy sitting back and listening to people as they come and go. Most of them take the time to recognize the season and to let their friends know they are thinking of them. The friendly greetings are more than ever accompanied by warm handshakes and hugs, thus, showing the real meaning of friendship and capturing the real meaning of the season.

Many of us spend a lot of time recalling other holidays and enjoying the memories of those long ago days. As you can imagine, I return to those canyons for a quick mental trip to see that little Christmas tree in the living room window. It had no lights, but it had some beautiful little ornaments and shiny icicles. It added great cheer to the lamp lit room and drew all of us together as we prepared for the big day itself.

You are probably taking your trip to your own special place and can feel the warmth that was ever present in our homes. We might not have had all the gadgets we have today, but we had real love and knew the real meaning of Christmas. We knew about the Christ Child and enjoyed that knowledge without feeling that we should have a vast collection of material goods to see under that simple, beautiful tree.

Let’s remember why we are celebrating this season and spend a little extra time wishing each other a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Aggie and I surely hope you will enjoy your holidays as much as we will enjoy ours!