Pick out the best of times and remember them well

By Lynn Moncus

As we rapidly approach 2009, some of us are wondering what happened to 2008 as we seem to have changed to that calendar only recently. Although time seems to pass faster when we have less of it, we know that it moves just as it always has. It hasn’t changed it stride even if we have changed ours.

Well, if we follow that logic, we might think time would pass more slowly because we move at a snail’s pace compared to our movements of our youth. Time and logic just don’t seem to go together some days!

We are seeing many television programs which recount the highlights of the year and read many articles about the important happenings, but we tend to look at 2008 through our own eyes.

Yes, we had elections and campaigning endlessly, and we were finally told the obvious — that we are in a recession. Of course, all of that is important to history, but we prefer to think for ourselves and consider the highlights in our own lives.

Some of us had a good year with very few bad days; others had a bad year with very few good days.

Those of us who had the good year certainly consider ourselves very fortunate and hope that we can look forward to another good year in 2009.