City clerk says she’s looking forward to family time

Thomas Garcia

After two decades of working for the city of Tucumcari and Quay County, Jeannette Maddaford will retire today. Maddaford, who was interviewed earlier this week, is looking forward to starting the new year by catching up with family, friends, and postponed plans and hobbies. Maddaford is married to Rex Maddaford who is part of the management team at the Tucumcari Municipal Golf Course.

Question: How long have you worked in Quay County?
Answer: I served as city clerk for a total of eight years and as county clerk for a total of 16 years.
I first worked as the city clerk from 1976-1981 then was the county clerk from 1989-2005. Since then, I have been here working once again as the City Clerk.

What kind of experience have you gained from the two jobs?
There are some similarities in the jobs, then again their are large differences.
They both work with elected officials, the commissioners for the county and the city.
As a county clerk you coordinate all of the election, while a city clerk focuses only on the municipal election.
The county clerk is responsible for all of the land records and voter registration. The city clerk works on financial issues for the city and the development of regulations and policies for the city of Tucumcari.

Wednesday (today) is your last day, are you in panic mode?
I am trying to get so much done in three days to help make the transition easier for Christine Dougherty to take over. I have a lot of filing to complete and need to discuss with Christine the projects that are either completed, pending or are in mid-stream.

What prompted your decision to retire?

Our daughter, Alicia, recently gave birth to our first grandchild, Dylan Cade Early. Alicia and her husband, Shawn, live in Pueblo, Colo. and I plan to spend as much time with them as possible.
I will travel back and forth to be with the baby and will stay with her more as Alicia plans to go back to work.
It has been rewarding to work for the county and city but it is now time for a rest and to spend time with my family.

Are you going to miss the working lifestyle?
I have been a workaholic all of my life. I will miss the routine of the daily work life and will definitely miss all of my friends and coworkers who have become my friends over the years.

What other plans do you have for your retirement?
I have a lot of catching up to do with family and myself.
Rex and I would like to travel to New Zealand and spend a year or two there. We have gone to New Zealand but that is like every five years. We’ve never had a long enough period just to stay and visit Rex’s home.
Of course, I plan on taking up golf, Rex wants to play at every golf course in the U.S. and beyond. That is one of the benefits of retiring healthy, you can decide to do something now or later on down the line.
We are going to be taking a cruise in February with some friends. Retirement has given me the freedom to do things like that.
There are a lot of the little things that I would like to do, like finish reading a book. It has been ages since I had time to finish an entire book, spend time with friend, or cook. Rex has done a majority of the cooking. I would like to get back into the kitchen.
It is time for me to enjoy life – take up hobbies, fill up my picture albums, or just do nothing at all.