Singer pursuing state honor

Chelle Delaney

In two weeks Audriana Lalane, 11, may be just a little nervous.

She’ll be singing on stage in front of several hundred people at a conference center north of Santa Fe.

Her goal, she said, is to be New Mexico’s Hispano “Child Artist of the Year.”

“I hope I’ll win,” she said. The award is given by the New Mexico Hispano Music Association, Lalane said.

Last month, she was nominated for the award after singing “Un Momento Alla” in the child and youth competition sponsored by the association. The song, “A moment there,” is a signature piece of performer Rick Trevino.

Lalane is the daughter of Estefanita Garcia. Garcia and her twin sister, Senovia Ewers, used to sing in competitions when they were younger in the Tucumcari area. “That’s where Audriana has picked it up,” said her mom.

Garcia said when and she and her sister performed, she was the bashful one.

“Lalane must get some of her stage presence from my twin sister,” Garcia said. “She’s learned to pick someone out of the audience, make eye contact and sing to them.”

Around the house the mother and daughter often sing together, said Lalane’s grandfather, Daniel Garcia.

Her mom also said that Lalane makes up ditties and refrains as she plays around the house.

In addition to singing, Lalane said she enjoys volleyball and soccer.

“I’m real proud of her,” Daniel Garcia said. “God gave her a beautiful talent and she’s as beautiful on the inside.”

Lalane said she began singing when she was 5 years old. Over the past six years she has moved from family performances to singing at her school, competing in talent contests, and in July, she sang at the St. Anne’s Fiesta and several other events in Tucumcari.

To raise money so that she can compete, the family has held bake sales, her mother said. She said the family is also thankful to different groups which have sponsored Lalane so that she can attend the competition.

Lalane said she likes to watch YouTube because she can see how others are presenting their songs.

She also likes Country Western music and other genres but at the competition she will be focusing on her Spanish tradition and the traditional songs, such as “Un Momento Alla.”

“I’ll be resting my voice for a little while,” said Lalane who has a four-octave range.

Lalane will compete on Jan. 17 at the Ohkay Casino near Espanola.