Tons of holiday debris ups the ante at landfills

Thomas Garcia

Whether it is aluminum pie pans, fruit cakes or ravaged gift wrapping and packing peanuts, the household trash tends to accumulate over the holidays.

“There was a definite increase in trash brought into the landfill,” said Steve Garcia, Logan landfill manager. “There was a definite increase when compared to previous weekends in the month.”

Garcia said there was an increase of one ton of waste that was brought into the landfill during the weekends after Christmas and New Year’s. The Village of Logan does not have a village operated trash service, so many Logan area residents take their trash to the landfill.

“The volume of traffic coming into the landfill was substantially higher over the holiday weekends,” Garcia said.

The city of Clovis also saw an increase. When compared to previous Fridays in December, the City of Clovis Landfill saw a 40 percent increase in city trash tonnage that was picked up on Jan. 2, said Joel Garcia, Clovis Landfill superintendent.

The city trash crews worked only half a day on Jan. 2 but brought in 131.95 tons of trash, Joel Garcia said.

On two previous Fridays, Dec. 5 and 12, the trash collected by the city crews averaged at 80 tons, Joel Garcia said.

“It seemed like there was an increase in trash after New Year’s but that could be largely, in part,