New excavator to help rework canal basins

QCS Staff

A $150,000 long-reach excavator was the attention-getter at Tuesday’s meeting of the Arch Hurley Conservancy District board.

After the regular meeting was adjourned, board members went to the Arch Hurley construction yard, where they inspected the track excavator which has a 60 foot reach.

“We’ve needed one for a long time,” said board member Pablo Lopez.

The excavator will be used to remove silt from the canals and to rework the canal basins so that they conform to their original design grade, said Franklin McCasland, manager.

At the meeting, the board considered a resolution to protect water rights in the district and ensure they are linked to the land and to prevent their transfer out of the district. However, the board tabled the measure because they decided it was too lenghty and to reword the resolution and review it at next month’s meeting.

The board has, over the past several years, often sought legal advice and worked to protect and shore up constituents water rights.