Students share D.C. experience

Chelle Delaney

Current and past history were brought to life for two Tucumcari students who visited Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

“I enjoyed seeing history in the making,” said Desirae Evans. “It was the best experience. It was one-time chance. I was so glad I got to do this in my senior year.

Evans and 13 other students were on the National Mall with thousands of others as Obama took the presidential oath.

“It was crowded and it was cold, but it was worth it to have that experience,” said Ashley Lopez. “It was worth the wait. It was such a big moment for history even if we were miles away. It’s amazing to be able to say we were there.”

The kids said a lot of sights were squeezed into their four day tour.

And the girls said that the Holocaust Museum made a lasting impression, especially because their English class had recently read Eli Wiesel’s account of the experiences of a teenager during the Holocaust in the book, “Night.”

“It touched my heart,” said Evans, referring to a cattle car at the museum which was used to transport Jews to death camps. “It was a big experience to be going back into time.”

Lopez also said she was touched by the letters that were on display from survivors as well as those who did not live.
The trip for Evans was her first airplane ride.

For Evens, who witnessed the crash that killed a stunt pilot at the Tucumcari Air Show two years ago, it was also time to overcome her fear of planes.

“I was terrified. I squeezed Chase Waters and Ashley Lopez’s hand really hard until we got into the air. But after we got up in the air I let go of their hands. I was glad I overcame that fear.”

But the trepidation of living in a big city may be something that Evans’ never overcomes.

“I never want to live in a big city where there are that many people,” Evans said.