School board elections set for Tuesday

By Q

The School Board Elections in Quay County will be held from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the following locations:

Tucumcari District 2 – Tucumcari Recreation Center
l John M. Garcia
l Chris M. Birch
Tucumcari Districts 3 – THS Auditorium
l Christine Dougherty
l Douglas N. Powers
Tucumcari District 5 – Quay Schools Federal Credit Union
l Marion R. Payton
l Michael W. Rivera, Jr.

San Jon School District – San Jon Emergency Shelter
Position 1
l Franklin D. Gibson
Position 2
l Tommy Evans
Position 4
l Timothy L. Foster

House School District – House Community Center
Position 1
l Rachelle D. Moon
Position 2
l Hilous Hargrove

Logan School District – Logan Civic Center and Nara Visa Community Center
Position 4
l Bill Cone
Position 5
l Thomas S. Humble

For more information about polling locations, contact the Quay County Clerk’s office at (575) 461-0510.